Many of you may have heard of Nick Daws. Besides his regular articles in The Perspiring Writer Magazine, Daws is also the author of more than 80 e-books with millions of dollars in sales.

Recently, I downloaded his new e-book called "The 10 Day E-Book." 

And, as advertised, I quickly learned how to write and sell an e-book in ten days … or less! Hard to believe, I  know. But Daws is a great teacher and has a way of simplifying a complex process.

For instance, the ten days are broken down into detailed lessons.

Day 1 - You choose and research a good topic.

Day 2 - You dash off an outline of your e-book idea.

Day 3 - You write your book quickly (with the outline as a guide) … non-stop.

Day 4 - You proofread and edit your book. (Do I hear a groan?)

Day 5 - You prepare your e-book for publication.

Day 6 - You choose and build your publishing platform.

Day 7 - You write a simple (but effective) sales letter.

Day 8 - You make up your online sales page.

Day 9 - You promote your e-book.

Day 10 - You get others to sell your e-book for you.

That's it! However, success is in the "insider" details that Daws teaches so well in this 173-page book. For instance, in Day 1, Daws tells you the best type of e-book to write.


Right now, how-to e-books (such as "How To Be An Online Magazine Publisher") are selling very well. Practical guides like this show people how to achieve a certain goal quickly and easily. They are not difficult to write and they do turn a profit, especially since you (the author) get 100% of the proceeds, rather than the 10% or less you'd normally get from a conventional publishing contract.

To illustrate, Daws mentions e-book guru Joe Vitale selling over 1500 copies of his e-book in the first three months. He also admits his own modest publisher, WCCL Network, grosses over $4 million a year in e-book sales. 

So, yes, there is a growing market for e-books. And, yes, you can turn a tidy profit by writing your own e-book today.

Now, besides the money factor, as an e-book author you will also gain immediate recognition and respect. It marks you as an authority. For business people, it's a killer calling card. And, if you are just starting out, think how it will get your foot in the  door if your resume lists you as an author. Of course, if you are an entrepreneur, or just want some recognition, or maybe a few more dollars in your pocket, having your very own e-book certainly can't hurt.

I breezed through The 10 Day E-Book, as well as the super bonus guides offered, in record time. It was a lot to digest, but well worth the effort. What I enjoyed was that at the end of each lesson, Daws includes a "sum up action plan" page. So it was easy to see in several short sentences exactly what each comprehensive lesson was all about.

Now before you head on over to the sales page, I must warn you that the current price tag for this package deal is $97. (Do I hear a few more groans?) Well, I wanted to be upfront and tell you now. For some of you, I understand this may seem beyond your means. But what you have to ask yourself is whether or not you are truly serious about writing and publishing your own e-book. If you are serious, this extensive course is all you will need to succeed. Besides, if you really think about it, it will take just a few sales of your e-book to get back this investment in your future.

So, the decision is yours.

My advice is to at least have a look at the sales page (CLICK HERE!) that Nick Daws has set up for this product. Then check out his credentials. Read what he has done for others. Like me, I think you will be impressed with Nick Daws and "The 10 Day E-Book."

*E. P. Ned Burke writes product reviews for a number of web sites. Contact him at Ned@epburkepublishing if you have an online product that you wish to promote.

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