Manafort played a limited role. Really?

White House says Manafort only played a "limited role" in Trump's team although he served as Trump's Campaign Manager and ran the Republican National Convention. Reminds me of Nixon claiming he only met with John Dean one or two times when he actually met with him over 30 times in the final days of Nixon's administration.


Wealthy Win Again

Once the "Jewel of Sarasota" for the wealthy and not-so-wealthy home and condo owners and for all golfers, Forest Lakes Golf Course is about to come back after years of neglect. Forest Lakes was but one of a half dozen affordable courses that our officials handed over in the past ten years to rich developers who plowed these beautiful golf courses into wastelands.

Despite a restriction law to leave ample green space in front of the mostly middle class owners of condos in Forest Lakes Village on the east side of Beneva Road, the new developer, after winning over the wealthier home owners on the west side of Beneva, now plans to erect town houses in the very backyards of FLV condo owners, and the Sarasota County Planning Board sees nothing wrong with the plan.

The FLV people offered two other alternative plans but these plans would hamper the developer to cram in an over-excess of units and, of course, lessen his profit.

After living here for almost 30 years I am ashamed of our local officials who have turned Sarasota from a paradise for all to an elitist city where money rules and zoning laws are meaningless when wealthy developers can get local officials to change any law on the books.

Lastly, having covered city and county government for 16 years during my newspaper days, I am well aware of what goes on behind the scenes. So I held out little hope that this time the Little Guy would win. And he didn't, despite all the heart-wrenching pleas from the FLV condo owners who will now lose their privacy and the open space they were guaranteed.



Donald Trump

Mr. Donald Trump’s allies have begun to wonder if his need for self-expression, often on social media, will exceed his instinct for self-preservation, with disastrous results both for the president and for a party whose fate is now tightly tied to his.


Sandra Day O'Connor

Wonders On Wisdom of Bush v. Gore

Many of us are also wondering Sandra. Join the club.


(CNN) - In one of those "what could have been" moments, former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor is expressing some misgivings about the controversial 2000 election decision that allowed George W. Bush to assume the presidency.


Koch Brothers: Freedom Of The Press?

They Plan To Buy Up Eight Major #Newspapers http://t.co/OXuKM3sJli


BAGHDAD: Shiite-dominated areas in southern and central Iraq were rocked by car bomb explosions that killed at least 22 people and fueled fears that the country is sliding into a civil war. Click here for story.


BANGLADESH: At least 390 people have been confirmed dead in what is just the latest incident to raise serious questions about worker safety and low wages in the poor South Asian country that relies on garments for 80 percent of its exports.

Click here for story. 



Re: NRA Pays Off Senators

J. Weisman: Senators voted against the people’s wishes for their own benefit. But isn’t it their job to represent their constituents? If Senators can’t do their jobs, then they don’t deserve to have them.

N. Burke: When the next gun death occurs, we should hold these senators personally responsible: All current Republican senators, with the exception of Susan Collins (Maine), Pat Toomey (Pa.) Mark Kirk (Illinois), and John McCain (AZ), plus these 4 timid Democratic senators: Mark Begich of Alaska, Mark Pryor of Arkansas, Max Baucus of Montana and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota. By caving in to the NRA and voting against expanding simple background checks these spineless senators brought shame to themselves and to us all. Mark well their names and vote these bums out!


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