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Editor E. P. Ned Burke and Contributing Editors Madonna Dries Christensen, Marshall J. Cook and Carrillee Collins Burke here to let you know that the WM final 2013 Issue is now available FREE right here on our main website at www.magazettes.com/writers as well as the condensed version at http://writersmagazette.wordpress.com (Click Current Issue in our navigation bar above to view the 2013 edition.)

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In addition to the well-known professional writers who provided many informative articles for this final edition, WM has also included our “10 Questions” series.

It has been a personal joy to produce this writing magazine. I hope you will continue with your writing efforts. This may help: *Check out the special $7 deal now on Hey! You wanna be a writer? book with bonus books.

As always, I look forward to your comments and hope you will be kind to one another.

Take care, and happy writing!


E. P. Ned Burke (WM editor)

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