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Buying E-Books on Writing Can Change Your Life!

By E. P. Ned Burke

Imagine a vast library with no bookshelves, no book counters and no hard cover or paperback books. The entire space is empty, save for rows upon rows of swivel chairs facing slim and sleek monitors. It’s still a library, still a storehouse of thousands (millions!) of free or inexpensive books. But there is a big difference.

Thanks to the ever-widening horizon of the speedy internet, this is the picture of the future. It’s going to be the world of billions of books-actually, e-books to be precise-taking up a very tiny fraction of computer memory space compared to rooms filled with today’s heavy books.

Are you a wannabe or aspiring writer?

If so, you must need reference books, tons of them. And you’re probably spending a fortune on books right now that clutter up your house or apartment. But marketing-writing e-books offer a no-hassle solution. Why are e-books indispensable for you as a writer or marketer? Here are some reasons:

* If you’re in need of knowing more about some points you can either cross-reference using hyperlinks, or copy the points and find out the relevant information over the Internet.

* You can store millions of e-books on your computer’s hard disk and, as a result, your study room remains spacious and uncluttered. 

* You can print your e-books and bind them with inexpensive coil rings and even carry dozens of them anywhere, with a weight much less than your portable laptop.

* If you are a senior or have poor eyesight, you will benefit from reading e-books because a simple mouse click on your computer can enlarge the size of text at any time. E-books, unlike traditional printed books, allow you to adjust the text size or font face whenever you want.

* Tired of reading? Wish someone could read it to you? Well, once again, e-books are your answer. With downloadable e-books, it’s a simple matter of using a text-to-speech software program to automatically convert your e-book into an audio book.

* Thousands of e-books on writing and marketing can be found easily online and downloaded quickly and inexpensively. Look for a one-stop information and learning center that will meet all your needs on one site, rather than having to surf the entire web.

This is what Minhaz Parvez of Bangladesh has to say about his experience on how e-books helped him write a cook book:

“I’ve never even baked bread, all by myself. I’ve nonetheless seen that cook books are now selling like crazy. So I decided to be a writer for the wannabe chefs out there. I punched ‘e-books, cooking’ into Google and wow! I came up with many digital pages that squeezed a writer out of me. But, my search did not end there. I went even further and found more web sites and e-books. Enough information to fill a book! And so now, me the non-cook, has his own cook book that will soon hit the bookstores.”

So face it! The future is now. And ‘how to ebooks’ will give you the information and inspiration you’ll need to stay ahead of the learning curve of today’s ever-changing world. The price for knowledge has never been so low. 

How To Earn Cash By Writing - Some Questions Answered

By Donald Massey

One of the most interesting and viable options to earn money through the internet is by writing articles. If you have a flair for writing or if you want to put to use you knowledge on many subjects, it is not difficult to earn cash by writing. You can opt for freelance writing which is considered by many as arguably the best way to earn money online.

How can I earn money easily by writing?

The million dollar question - how can I earn money or make money online? The answer is simple. 'Freelance writing' - which involves writing for people having a content requirement. These people usually have products or services to sell and need content to promote their business on the internet. The content that you write is put up in these sites for people to read and understand about the product or services offered by the site. It can also be used to announce something new the site has to offer.

You can write just general content, content which is targeted at search engines which includes keyword oriented writing, content for encyclopedias, ezines, press releases e-newsletters, knowledge sharing websites and much more.

Thus, there are plenty of options available in online writing jobs.

Freelance writing offers great advantages as well as freedom. You can choose to write in your time without feeling the constraint of a regular 9 to 5 job. You can also voice your opinions or concerns and get paid for them too! If you are someone seeking a way to voice your opinions on subjects which you specialize, writing articles or blogs or ezines is a great way to showcase your ideas and bring awareness to people.

How good or bad is the payment for online earn cash opportunities?

Payments received for online jobs are very good and lucrative. Freelance writing jobs can earn you considerable cash, using the internet as a means for receiving and submitting your work. However, to be able to earn a considerable and rewarding income, it is advisable that you write on subjects in which you possess in-depth knowledge.

Another best practice is to register on web portals that act as mediators between you and the person or company offering you an online writing job. As you will probably never know or meet the people offering you the online writing job, you may be duped and cheated out of your payment. This is where such portals make life easier for freelance writers. You can also ask the job provider for a token advance payment as a show of good faith to safeguard your interests.

Indirect advantages of online writing jobs

Online writing can take you across writing projects which enhance your knowledge and writing skills. These jobs can be done from the comfort of your home, your office, during weekends, in other words, whenever you have extra time to spare for writing. Many online jobs give the benefit of flexible work hours, so you can pick and choose projects and the time you want to do them, while earning good money at the same time.

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Self-Publish Your Book and Tell the Big Boys to Take a Hike!

By E. P. Burke

Many authors regard traditional publishers as pompous, totally unfair creatures with little, if any, consideration for the feelings of another human being. And, in many cases, they are right. So forget 'em. Self-publish your book now!

When an author's work is rejected from some snobby NY firm, you can be certain the publisher responsible for this dastardly act will be blacklisted for eternity. Authors have even resorted to voodoo and witchcraft to bring about revenge, I am told.

It's true that many big money publishers regard authors with the same amount of enthusiasm as a shot of penicillin. That is, they realize they need a few of them to fill up pages of a book which they in turn sell for a profit, but somehow they can't shake the feeling they are being fed nothing more than fungus on moldy cheese.

Actually, authors are a hard-working lot. Many are very prolific, like Charles Hamilton, alias Frank Richard "Billy Bunter." He was known to produce 80,000 words a week of finished copy. His lifetime output was said to be more than 72 million words. The fact that Charlie never married might have had something to do with his many hours of productive labor. But who can say.

Erle Stanley Gardner of Perry Mason fame worked on as many as seven novels at one time. Before he died in 1970, he dictated up to 10,000 words a day.

Then there was John Creaset, the British novelist, who pounded out two complete books in a single week. (Talk about touch-typing!)

A few authors did get paid well. Consider Hemingway being paid $30,000 for a 2,000-word article on bullfighting for Sports Illustrated in 1960. That's $15 a word for writing about some guy throwing the bull.

And let's not forget that "Big Publishers" often make mistakes. All you have to do is consider the people who turned down "Gone With The Wind" because they felt it was too long. Numerous publishers also rejected the novel "Peyton Place" before it was accepted and eventually sold 12 million copies.

But what publisher, or anyone else for that matter, would ever dream that six million people would go out and purchase a simple boy/girl postcard created by Donald McGill in the early 1900s with this caption:

He: "How do you like Kipling?"

She: "I don't know, you naughty boy. I've never Kippled."

This goes to show that an author must (for a better choice of words) stay the course. If he or she has talent and persistence, that author may eventually find a traditional publisher equally gifted and farsighted who will be quick to recognize these attributes.

But don't count on it. Instead, self-publish your book. At least that way you can see your book in print in a matter of weeks, rather than years. And no matter what you've heard, YOU will always be the one responsible for promoting your book ... unless, of course, you're James Patterson or Stephen King.

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