Preserving Memories For 40 Years!

(1973 - 2013)

Now it's time to retire ...

Dear Reader:

Ned Burke here to welcome you to the final edition of Yesterday's Magazette.

Since 1973, YM and I, along with the help of my cherished contributing editors and contributors, have taken you back to the thirsty 20s, the thrifty 30s, the fervent 40s, the fabulous 50s, the sensual 60s and the sequined 70s. YM has published a multitude of memories from Vaudeville to Elvis. 

Each issue was aimed to carry you back to a happier time, a kinder place. 

Remember Mom in the kitchen cooking that fabulous holiday meal? Or, Dad taking the entire family for a Sunday ride in his new car? Or, Sis getting ready for her prom date? Your first car? Your first job? Your favorite holiday memory? Remember neighbors helping neighbors? YM readers remembered and they shared their stories with me and the entire world. 

Since the very beginning, Yesterday's Magazette has been about one thing: SHARING MEMORIES. For four decades YM has helped readers recapture that down-home honesty and goodness of the average, everyday American. Nothing fancy … just plain folks who wanted to relate their own life experiences. 

Yesterday's Magazette's motto has always been "Everyone Has A Yesterday" and I still believe that everyone, regardless of age, has a cherished memory worth publishing. And, thankfully, YM has preserved thousands of these memories for posterity. 

This has been a noble endeavor and I thank each and every YM reader who has contributed to this worthy cause. I hope all of you will continue to share your memories, if not within these pages then in another publication or in a book of your own. Future generations will thank you and be forever in your debt. And your life, or at least a small part of it, will live on for all eternity.

After 40 years of putting together this magazine (and others) and meeting deadlines on a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly,  quarterly, and yearly schedule, I guess it's time for me to retire my dearest and oldest friend, Yesterday's Magazette

My nostalgic labor of love with Yesterday's Magazette has truly been a long and rewarding ride for me. It helped to introduce me to many unique individuals, including my close friends and YM contributing editors, Madonna Dries Christensen and Marshall J. Cook. YM also played a part in my introduction to my meeting the talented Carrillee Collins Burke, who was a YM subscriber before  she became my loving wife. I can never repay YM for that miracle. Lastly,  YM gave me the opportunity to meet thousands of writers who shared their personal life stories with me and with YM's legion of loyal readers. 

Thank you Yesterday's Magazette, and thank you dear reader.

Well, that's about it. 

I hope you will enjoy this final annual issue and drop by now and again to leave your comments.

Take care, and please try to be kind to one another, okay?


E. P. Ned Burke (YM editor/founder)

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I hope you are enjoying your semi-retirement.  You deserve it!  But I, like many others, will miss your magazine and the delightful way you had at making a person feel good. I ordered the last two issues. I will always remember your magazine and how neat it is. Your mentioning that "Everyone Has A Yesterday" and in your letter closings to be "kind to each other" were special. If it works for you, send out an e-mail and let us writers know what you are doing.  Best Wishes! 

Barb Dodge


You've given us so much pleasure and enrichment! Thank you, Ned.

Marshall Cook


Thanks for all your work.

Marion Tickner


Thank you, Ned, for being a tireless custodian of our memories! I will say "so long" but "never goodbye," for each time I look back to each past issue, it's like revisiting my friends at YM and saying "hello" once again. Therefore, until the next time!

Richard Ong


Ned,  you have certainly encouraged me.  Saying goodbye is hard.

Peg Russell


Many people are saddened at your retiring. Thank you for all of the years of good memories! Capturing memories is a a very noble endeavor, indeed!

Jean Johnson


I am so sorry you will no longer be part of Yesterdays Magazette. But shame on me. I should say enjoy the future. Thank you for adding sunshine to my life.

Joye O'Keefe


Sorry to see your publication go, Ned. I've always enjoyed it. I hope you are well and will enjoy a New Year filled with good cheer! Thank you for publishing my story "The Autumn Leaves of Summer". 

Annmarie Tait


So sorry that you are retiring. However, "Nothing Is Forever," which happens to be the title of my current book. You provided a great opportunity for many writers ... for me, and several of my students. 

Helga Harris


I'm so sorry you won't be doing the Magazettes anymore. Thank you for all of your help. You did a fantastic job and many a memory will be saved for future generations! All the best for your future endeavors. We will miss you! 

Linda Lehmann Masek


Sad to see YM leave. I was happy to be a small part of it and wished I had the time to contribute more, especially the last edition. Your readers I am certain will fill the void and I'm sure you have heard from a multitude of them. Thanks for the digital books and all the links you've provided. All the best. 

Dan Johnson


I am sending all of my best wishes to you from Canada for a happy, healthy retirement. Thank you for all you have done for people over the years!

Kathleen Brammall


Happy New Year, Ned Burke!  Happy retirement.  Maybe put out a 'Special Edition" of YM, if you get tired of tee-times.   

Gary Dries


Farewell dear friend in the written word. Godspeed! Peace! Happy New Year!

Colette Sasina


Good luck in whatever you do. YM has always been a great place for super memories.

Larmry Bloes


Thanks for Yesterday's Magazette. I enjoy reading it.

Diane Robertson


All my very best wishes to you for a productive year.

Nadja Bernitt


Wishing you a wonderful retirement and a great New Year with all the blessings you deserve.

Thanks for the years of hard work. Keep a song in your heart and keep the golf game up to par!

Bill Canavan

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